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Sep. 21st, 2010 07:23 am
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If this were a movie, the homeless man in my front yard would be full of wisdom and/or guile. Occasionally, I'd go out to the yard, and he'd be eating beans out of a can by a fire, and he'd be well read and have some sort of perspective on whatever existential crisis I might be experiencing. Or maybe we'd have wacky hijinks, or maybe I'd be suspicious of him but find that later, he was acting in my best interests. But he's just Don, and he tries to make up things to do in the yard to spend his time. He drinks Mt. Dew and trades me and Jesse food for money for cigarettes, and he tries to take care of Zalman, who is also homeless. Zalman is gentle and fragile and only wants to help Don. In terms of what people lack, especially homeless, Don is not so bad off. He uses this address as his, and that's okay because he does live on the corner of the property. And he reads all the time-- books about elves and magic and parallel universes. And he's missing teeth and has crazy hair, and if he could come in to the house to bathe more often, you might not even know that he's homeless.

Sunday, I went to the convenience store across the street to buy half and half for coffee, but when I brought it home, it curdled and smelled awful. I put my shoes back on to return it, but when I walked out, Zalman was there to wish me a good morning and ask what the plan is for the day (I think Zalman is autistic but he might be schizophrenic). When I explained the half and half situation, he grabbed it and then hopped on Jesse's bike. I was like, uh...Zalman? Within about ten minutes, he was back with new half and half. Zalman says to me some mornings, "I don't know who you are Kate, but you seem pretty cool."

At night, when I'm ready to go to bed, I say to Jesse, Goodnight. I will see you in the morning... if you're lucky. And Jesse says, g'night Kate, I'll see you in the morning...if you live that long. And I say, g'night, I'll see you in the morning... unless you're murdered in your sleep. And he says g'night Kate, try not to be abducted from your own home.

I don't know that of all the people here, I'd be the one abducted, but a girl can always dream.

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I like Jesse more and more.


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